22 June

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With our Residents' Association close to 90 years old, it is a good time to reflect on the importance of local representation in ensuring our neighbourhood retains it's essential charm, qualities and attractions for all our residents.

The Netherlee and Stamperland Community Coucil was disbanded in 2015 and has failed to be resurrected due to lack of nominations.

Our Council Ward, Netherlee, Stamperland and Williamwood has been recently expanded by the Boundaries Commission to include Busby and Clarkston, increasing the width of our Councillors' responsibilities and focus.  The Residents' Association remains entirely focussed on local issues giving residents a forum to report concerns or to develop ideas and initiatives to improve the area and it's facilities.

The Association is only as strong as it's membership.  We meet regularly in the library at Netherlee Pavilion at &:30PM on the 3rd monday of every month.  Please feel free to come along.

The Association

Muirend and Netherlee Residents’ Association was founded in 1929 - some 88 years ago – "to promote and safeguard the interests of the community and communicate with residents on matters of general local interest." Throughout that time, residents have valued the role played by the Association in various aspects of local community life.

Uniquely, the existence of the Residents’ Association has meant that for more than a generation Netherlee has been represented by an Independent Residents’ Association councillor. This political independence has been an important aspect of the work of the Association and the local RA Councillor – Ralph Robertson being the most recent – has attended RA meetings, both to report to and to be briefed by the committee. This direct link to decision making at the Council has served Netherlee well over the years.  Unfortunately, Ralph was not re-elected at the May 2017 Local Election.

Throughout its existence, the Association has taken action to prevent the loss of open space, changes to the collection of refuse, roads issues and planning, among many others. These do result in significant engagement with residents and the feedback from residents seems to suggest that the Association continues to fulfil a meaningful role on their behalf.

In a typical year the Association, supported financially by its distribution of membership cards for a nominal fee, would plan and run a Gala day in the summer to celebrate the community aspects of living in this attractive suburb. People from all walks of local life and further afield would get involved. Schools and church groups would run stalls and activities and the funds generated by this event would enable the Association to donate to local good causes. Unfortunately, as a direct result of a severe drop-off in the level of participation in the work of the committee, it has not been possible to run the Gala since 2005. In its heyday the Committee had around 20 members, but - like many community based voluntary organisations – it has struggled to attract new members. As a result the Committee, now with less than 8 members, has not been able to be as proactive as it once was and would like to be again.

No one wants to be unduly pessimistic, however, real concern has been expressed about the Association’s future.  New recruits are needed. The time commitment is really not onerous at around 12 hours approximately every year to attend 9 committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting in the Spring.

Please visit the website and, if you are able and willing to offer a little of your time to help with this work, please use the contact information there.

Otherwise, please contact any member of the Committee or online at www.netherlee.org.uk/contact.htm

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